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Pudina Paratha

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Indian flat breads are some of the best breads in the world and the sheer variety of them ensures you can have something different every time. They are a staple in most Indian families and every family has their favourite. Roti/Chappatis are for everyday meals, parathas with potato or cauliflower stuffing make a good breakfast, puris are for festivals and the list goes on. 

Parathas are a generic term for thicker breads usually made of wholemeal flour, the breads are griddled on a skillet and usually have a smear of oil or ghee to add to the deliciousness. Different flours like millet and maize are also used to make flat breads. So you can imagine the variety is endless.

Pudina means mint in Hindi, and mint is used to give flavour to the dough.These parathas are multi layered, the technique used to make them ensures this. This makes them flaky and gives a nice texture. I have tried to explain the technique step by step so that it's easy to follow. I hope you enjoy these multi layered mint scented breads :-)



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Yields 10-12


2 Cups Atta (Wholewheat flour)


1/2 cup Mint leaves

1 tsp Salt


The quickest and least physically strenuous method is to use the food processor. I dunk all the ingredients except the water in the processor and then slowly trickle in water while the blade does it's magic. In a matter of minutes the dough is ready. I can not give you exact measurement of water but usually it's about half the quantity of flour. It really depends on the quality of flour you are using, the more water it absorbs the better- as it will be soft.

You can take the traditional route by mixing it by hand, add enough water so that a soft dough is formed. It should be soft but not sticky, also you have to work the gluten so work it till it's stretchy and soft.

Divide the dough into 10-12 rounds. Lightly flour your bench top or board on which you will roll out the dough. I have the Indian stone board called chakla which we use to roll dough on for making breads. It is quite handy as the whole bench does not get dirty. Keep a bowl with some dry atta (wheat flour) by the side.Now  flatten the round and dip it in the dry flour and roll out a 15 cm round.

Cut the round disc into thin strips, 1.5 cm wide. Now lay the strips on top of one another like in the image below. (You can also pleat the dough disc by folding it instead of cutting strips)

Now roll the strips to form a spiral. Dip the spiral in the flour and roll it into a 10 cm disc. Roll it only on one side so as to maintain the layers.

Now take a skillet (tava) and put it on the medium burner of your gas stove. Once it is hot enough carefully lay the dough disc on it. It will begin to cook and bubbles will appear on the surface, flip it on the other side to cook it. Take a tsp of oil and spread it on the top. Now flip it again and press down with a spatula, it will puff up as the steam cooks the insides. The bread should be browned evenly on both sides. Remove from the skillet and continue the process with the other dough balls.

Serve with a vegetable side dish. Enjoy!

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