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Home style Garlic Bread- Jamie Oliver Method

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I was hooked to Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals, the TV Show, it may not be possible to whip up everything under 30 minutes the way he did but I sure did learn a few things from the show. I love Jamie's style of cooking, it is non fussy and very fresh and country style. This garlic bread recipe is adapted from his show. This is the only garlic bread we eat at home now, no more store bought oven ready packets laden with extra salt and butter.I daresay it tastes better than the store bought stuff and is a lot healthier. It's a wonderful way of using up any stale bread in the house too.  If you are a fan of garlic bread, give this method a go.



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Yields 1 loaf of Garlic bread


1 French Stick (you can use any variety of bread you like)

Olive Oil

8 cloves garlic - finely chopped


Black Pepper

1/2 cup Parsley leaves - chopped

1 tbsp Oregano 

1 tbsp Thyme


Pre-heat the oven to 180 C. I am only using half the bread, you can use as much as you need. Using a bread knife make incisions in the bread with thickness of the slices you want. Do not cut all the way through, just halfway so that we can fill them with herbs and garlic.

French Stick

Take a large piece of baking paper (big enough to wrap the bread in), wash it under running water and then squeeze all the liquid out. 

Scrunched up wet baking paper

Lay the baking paper on the cooking bench and place the bread on it. Drizzle olive oil on the bread, making sure there is enough in the crevices. Now rub parsley, thyme and oregano leaves on the bread and also stuff them in the cuts you made earlier. Do the same with the garlic. Now sprinkle a generous amount of salt & pepper on the bread. 

Stuffing the bread with herbs and garlic

Wrap the bread with the baking paper so as to completely seal it and tuck the edges of the paper underneath the bread. 

Wrapped bread ready to be cooked

Place this in a pre heated oven for 20 minutes. The steam inside the baking paper will make the bread soft and fluffy from the inside. Take the bread out once it is golden brown and cut into slices and serve. 

Home style Garlic Bread


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