Friday, April 12, 2013

A Citrust Twist - Mandarin and Grapefruit Tiramisu

Dear Readers,

Autumn has truly set in and that means time for a new season and produce. I had a little pop up on my facebook from Harris Farm Markets about Mandimisu (Mandarin Tiramisu) now that Imperial Mandarins are in season. This got me really excited as I love doing twists on traditional/classical dishes. I did not get the recipe from there, I have a really good tiramisu recipe which I modified to arrive on this citrus beauty - Mandarin and Red Grapefruit Tiramisu. It is so so so delicious, I couldn't stop tasting it. If mandarins or grapefruits are not available where you are, use clementines, oranges or blood oranges. I hope you enjoy my citrus twist on tiramisu.



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Serves 4


1/2 cup thickened cream

100 g Mascarpone cheese

8-10 Savoiardi (Sponge fingers)

4-5 tbsp Caster Sugar

1tsp Vanilla Extract

2 Mandarins

1 Blood Orange or Ruby Red Grapefruit

1 egg (separated)


Firstly zest the two mandarins and then squeeze the juice of one of them. Cut the grapefruit/blood orange in two halves. Squeeze the juice of one half and add it to the mandarin juice and keep it aside. Now peel and segment the other mandarin and the other half of the grapefruit

Juicy grapefruit

Mandarin and Grapefruit

Fruit segments

In a small bowl beat the cream till soft peaks and keep it aside. Beat the egg yolk and sugar till fluffy and pale. Add the vanilla extract, mascarpone cheese and fold in the whipped cream to get a soft light mixture. In another bowl beat the egg white till soft peaks and fold it into the mixture as well to get a light fluffy mixture. Now fold the mandarin zest through the mixture.

Mascarpone cream mixture

Sponge fingers

To start assembling the dessert in the glasses,take the sponge finger and dip it in the juice 2 seconds on each side.Break the sponge finger into two and lay it at the bottom of the glass. Top with 2-3 tbsp of mascarpone cream mixture. Top that layer with a few fruit segments. Now repeat the sponge finger layer, then the mascarpone cream mixture and then top with fruit segments. Repeat this procedure for the other three glasses. Chill the dessert for 2-3 hours before serving. The fruit and the cream mixture along with the sponge tasted divine.

Mandarin and Red Grapefruit Tiramisu

I love how the mandarin and grapefruit glisten like little jewels and the colours are absolutely gorgeous. As much as I love the cocoa, coffee and chocolate browns of the traditional tiramisu, this little experiment is a winner too. Enjoy!


  1. Your tiramisu looks and sounds delicious - I love the citrus twist!

  2. Thank you Rosie for your kind words :)

  3. oooooh I should try this :) Looks delish

  4. Wow Love The Beautiful clicks :) Following u via G+ Circles :)