Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney CBD

I realized I am still new to Sydney when I was trying to find my way to Hotel Park Royal from Cockle Bay Wharf. Sydney CBD and its meandering streets are quite confusing, especially when one is used to the precise grid of Melbourne CBD. I found my way there finally (thanks to Maps on my I phone) to meet a dear friend who was down for work from Melbourne. We were both famished and were actually walking towards an old favourite Din Tai Fung when we stumbled upon this fiery beauty. Home Thai Restaurant reminded me a lot of Chat Thai, another popular Sydney Thai Restaurant- the modern Asian vibe and decor was very similar. The Restaurant has a large open kitchen near the entrance, the decor is minimal and modern with exposed brick walls, some art pieces and a touch of green with plants. The restaurant was filled with customers - always a good sign and there were also a number of people waiting to be seated. After about ten minutes we were escorted to our table, we settled down and ordered away. The menu had a good selection of  vegetarian dishes, which was great as both me and my friend are vegetarians. 

Drink: Bengal Quinee/Quince Juice


I ordered this drink purely out of curiosity. I had asked the waitress as to what Bengal quinee is (I think it is a typo and actually refers to Bengal Quince/Stone Apple) and she was quite clueless and said its a herb. I didn't buy it and wanted to find out about this mystery ingredient. The drink looked like ice tea and tasted really sweet and had no particular flavour. It was nothing special in my opinion but if you are after something sweet to drink it's allright I guess.

Bengal Quince Juice

Entree: Keuw Tie Lod 
Noodle rolls, bean sprouts, hard tofu, black mushrooms and garlic chive. Served with Spicy Sauce 

We were served two large rolls/dumplings filled with a delicious mixture of sprouts, noodles, tofu and mushrooms. The sauce lived upto its spicy description and tasted delicious, it had the fiery hit of green chilli and when combined with the mild sticky dumplings it was a great combination. I loved the fact that its authentic and the chilli levels are not reduced to suit the Western palate. A very enjoyable dish and probably my favourite from the night.

Dumplings filled with noodles, tofu and sprouts with spicy sauce

Main: Lad Nah

Stir fried Flat rice noodles with Chinese brocolli in bean sauce 

The noodles were submerged in a tasty yellow bean sauce and studded with beautiful vegetables. The sauce was delicious and the vegetables were crunchy and had good flavour. I could slurp these noodles down any week night, they were that good.

Flat rice noodles in yellow bean sauce

Main: Pad Ma Mong Hin Ma Pan

Stir fried with chilli jam, cashew nuts, onion, shallots, dried chilli, mushrooms 

This was a slightly sweet vegetable stir fry with cashew nuts and chilli jam. The sauce had a subtle sweetness to it and the crunchy cashew nuts really lifted the dish. It was a pleasant dish but not my favourite of the night.

Stir fried vegetables with cashew nuts

Service 6/10

Food 8/10

Ambience 6/10

We thoroughly enjoyed the meal, it was fresh tasty and great value for money. The service can be a bit better, staff tend to get rude to customers when busy and  they should have a better understanding of the menu. I would definitely go back for the food!

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